Faith and Immigration

As a Catholic, I appreciate a Pontiff with the willingness to address social and political issues. Pope Francis speaks out against many ills in the world and sought to atone for wrongs of the Church. But as he entered the highly controversial illegal immigration issue facing the United States, I disagree with the idea that one lacks faith if favoring border security.

The insinuation that having an immigration system, where a nation knows who is entering and leaving it’s borders, is not Christian is one that I disagree with. It is not a matter of faith, but security for the citizens and immigrants legally living in a society. Although I am not a Trump supporter, border security should be a component of comprehensive immigration reform. I agree that the vast majority of the illegal immigrants come here for economic opportunities that their home nations deny them. But that does not negate their responsibility to respect law and order.

In terms of the millions of illegal immigrants who already made it over and maintained a crime free life style, I would agree that it is against one’s Christian faith to not have compassion and provide an opportunity to obtain legal status. Once they paid their fine and maintained good behavior, why not let them attempt citizenship in the same manner and time frame as a legal immigrant. This is the opportunity to build that bridge with those already contributing to the good of our society.

Posted by Christopher Peter


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