Rights Among Chaos

A 21 native of Venezuela stated that people cannot be allowed to vote for Trump. What this young woman needs to understand that people are not attacked because of who they plan to vote for. In many third world nations, elections are won by provoking, assaulting, and even killing supporters of other candidates, suppressing opposing views. This is not acceptable in America.

There are protesting a message and then there is harassing people. The young harrassers are taking orders from left-wing groups, whose ideology is the cause of much of our social ills. While Trump is an abrasive candidate, the left’s candidate who continue to segregate voters and not provide equal consideration continue to get a pass.

In past posts, I pointed the flaws in Trump’s candidacy. But, I believe that he and his supporters certainly feel that the mogul can make America great again.But, I believe there are better choices on the GOP side. Compared to the Democratic ticket Trump certainly a better choice that a potentially indicted candidate in Clinton or a socialist in Sanders.

Posted by Christopher Peter


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