After voters chose to Make America Great Again, it is also time to make America one again. For too long, division engulfed our nation. Americans need to not our differences outweigh our commonalities.

As President Obama previously stated, we are not of Republicans or Democrats, Americans. If we love our nation, we must love it through thick and thin. After 2008 and 2012, especially 2012, Republican voters across the nation felt the same way many shocked and bewildered Democrats feel now. But, they had no choice, but to accept the results of the election. In a democracy with free and fair elections, we cast our ballots, not with a guarantee of results, but to voice our opinion. Since 1804, the race is winner take all, ensuring one set of supporters will feel dejected.

People should voice their opinions, but recent demonstrations are troubling. The destruction of property, burning of American flags, and other anti-American acts are troubling. Additionally the calls for attacks on Trump supporters and attacks that did already happen are deplorable. Anger and hypocrisy will not change the results, but only highlight how dangers the left can be.

Additionally, we need to bridge our divides by being more open-minded. We need to afford all Americans equal respect and treatment, regardless of demographics, political affiliation, or anything else. While the Democrats and the media wanted to make Trump to be the candidate of hate, it truly was one of change and populism, which messaged each group equally. Groups demonstrating hate while exploiting Trump’s name are just as bad as those demonstrating anti-Americanism in the name of Clinton.

No one should reasonably expect Republicans or Democrats to drop the principles or fight for what they believe in. While we may not agree on everything, we still can show unity, tolerance, and mutual respect after the ballots are cast. In America, even opponents can show respect.


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