Sears Prepares for Bankruptcy Filing as Debt Payment Looms – The Wall Street Journal.

The iconic once retail giant may be nearing its final stretch. Or maybe it can dwarf into a profitable condense form of itself. If the latter, it will need to find a way to develop and connect with a new target market not already retired.

At one point Sears dominated the retail landscape, largely because it was the first general retailer to market offerings for the entire family and the one willing to stand by its products. As the market change with new players, Sears never effectively captured a new market group.

If Sears does survive, it needs to have a narrower focus. One approach could be deconstruction of their retail concept by creating two distinct chains. One could be a clothing targeting people that may not be served by more trendy stores or a channel for professionals looking for everyday affordable clothes. Another would be an autonomous Sears Auto not tied to a store.

At this point, the Sears leadership team is probably focused on seeing how many tomorrows it has left. If there some, they need to consider what those days will look like.




As many already know, ESPN laid off 100 employees, many of which were high-profile personalities. After years of skyrocketing rights fees and people cutting ties with cable companies, ESPN has a cash flow problem. Noble of them to protect employees living paycheck to paycheck, but the impact on broadcast quality could hurt ratings.


ESPN needs to strongly consider alternate revenues streams and reduce its dependence on a declining cable market. In other words, provide direct access to customers outside traditional cable deals. As more customers continue to move away from expensive cable contracts, ESPN can still remain connected with them through a direct service similar to HBO. Currently, WatchESPN requires a cable subscription login.

What About The Fees?

The cost of broadcast rights fees is the cost of doing business at this point. Until the deals expire, ESPN has to honor the terms. Going forward it should take a stronger negotiating position, but now should focus on maximizing revenue to offset the cost. As a sports centric organization, ESPN cannot lose its connections to the content its built around.

Beyond the business aspect, ESPN  needs to focus on its core content, setting aside the political commentary and puns. Stop incorporating political attacks and stop promoting stereotypes. Focus on being a true worldwide leader in SPORTS. Companies that forget why they are in business tend to go out of business.

German prosecutors raid headquarters of Volkswagen and Audi


The global automaker cannot seem to navigate past its defeat device scandal. After settling with US regulators, it now must deal with its domestic government that just raided its headquarters.

Many of the environmental regulations may be too stringent. But, the solution was not to cheat the system. Aside from the fines, Volkswagen is spending much more funds in buying back impacted vehicles. Not even considering the brand impact.

In spite of the illegality, the defeat device is clever. Such cleverness should be used to improve the customer experience, rather than erode trust from its customers. While leaders probably costed in the risks of such a program, the non-monetary costs probably outweigh the benefits gained.

Is Sears Dying a Slow Death? | Fox Business

Sears Slow Death

The inevitable might be coming soon, which is unfortunate. Eddie Lambert might be a master of finance, but probably should have brought in people with retail experience and expertise. The iconic retailer is beyond life support.

A big issue with Sears is the in-store experience has not improved. Go into any location and there is a clear disconnect. For instance, Sears welcomes shoppers with greeter pushing home repair, vacations, and other services without any context to the intended purchase. Why would any one purchase any service from a company that may not survive the warranty period?

While the outlook is grim, Sears needs to focus its remaining resources on the customer experience. More efficient checkout lanes. Cleaner stores. Professional and pleasant store associates. Expanding the Shop Your Way points. Also, listen to customers and actually implement change.

Retail is not a desirable market space and its once iconic leader is far from its heyday. There might be time for a turnaround. Maybe not. But, Sears should give itself a chance, rather than simply aiming to starve off its pending death.

Chiptole Brand

After dealing with food safety concerns, now more bad news for is impacting the brand. Ideally, the personal lives of executives or other staff members should be separated from the product offering, as we mostly do not select products based on who works at a firm. But, when behaviors impact the product, service, or experience, these issues do matter.

There is a risk in overt social consciousness in marketing, if words do not align to behaviors. Building a brand around ethically sourced food inputs, only to have the significant food safety risks contradicts brand statement. Executive bad behavior further tarnishes their image.

I do like Chipotle, but hold the crack.

Walmart (WMT) sells more than Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN) and Microsoft (MSFT), combined — Quartz

Despite the gap in online segment of retail, Walmart will be a dominant force, as detailed in the article. In offering 2 day shipping at half the cost of Amazon, Walmart  should be able to make some inroads.

A big focus should also be in improving the store experience, while promoting its online channel. The store experience in high populated areas can be horrible. Despite the high demand, public policy does negatively impact the retailer from balancing it, but operations of those stores can be altered as well.

As stated in the article, Walmart is a giant among growing competitors. It can use its resources to ensure its continued leadership of the retail industry.