Working From Home? The Boss Wants You Back in the Office

While working from home is nice, there are challenges with telecommuting. Ideally, a hybrid arrangement might work. The worker retains some level of flexibility with the need to remain productive. Manager can focus on team development and delegation on days in the office and hold the workers accountable to complete tasks during the days out. Might help alleviate some problems.



Interesting article on perks workers underutilize. While many would like to work from home, we probably prefer not to be on call 24 hours a day. Taking advantage of some perks may lead to unflattering office reputations. Achieving work life balance is difficult, determining tradeoffs that make work palatable and life worth living.



As many already know, ESPN laid off 100 employees, many of which were high-profile personalities. After years of skyrocketing rights fees and people cutting ties with cable companies, ESPN has a cash flow problem. Noble of them to protect employees living paycheck to paycheck, but the impact on broadcast quality could hurt ratings.


ESPN needs to strongly consider alternate revenues streams and reduce its dependence on a declining cable market. In other words, provide direct access to customers outside traditional cable deals. As more customers continue to move away from expensive cable contracts, ESPN can still remain connected with them through a direct service similar to HBO. Currently, WatchESPN requires a cable subscription login.

What About The Fees?

The cost of broadcast rights fees is the cost of doing business at this point. Until the deals expire, ESPN has to honor the terms. Going forward it should take a stronger negotiating position, but now should focus on maximizing revenue to offset the cost. As a sports centric organization, ESPN cannot lose its connections to the content its built around.

Beyond the business aspect, ESPN  needs to focus on its core content, setting aside the political commentary and puns. Stop incorporating political attacks and stop promoting stereotypes. Focus on being a true worldwide leader in SPORTS. Companies that forget why they are in business tend to go out of business.



Per above link to Fox News article, Zapper is providing workers, who struggle to make ends meet in San Francisco, up to $10,000 to migrate to more affordable locations.

Unfortunately, San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to reside in the United States. Many with aspirations of living there will find their dreams dashed if he/she lacks the adequate compensation for desired lifestyle.

Although the tech company may not be able to compensate workers at needed levels, it is providing assistance help workers achieve a more affordable life, while retaining their career opportunity. Workers just need to adjust to a longer commute.

Instead of subsidies, policymakers should consider relocation assistance programs, which could reduce spending while helping those in need. Of course, there are non-monetary factors, but it could be an effective option for some.

How to Motivate Employees: Give Them Compliments and Pizza — Science of Us

Who does not like a free lunch at work? Especially for workers that do not bring their lunch. Small signs of allreciation do matter to employees. But, few landlords or mortgage lenders accept pepperoni pizza as payment. 

The fact that free lunches keep people in the office and around their desks probably helps productivity the most. At the end of the day, not sure many people will truly stay at or join a company for the pizza if the compensation does not align with their needs.