Fed Raises Interest Rates, Signals One More Increase This Year – The Wall Street Journal. https://www.wsj.com/articles/fed-raises-interest-rates-signals-one-more-increase-this-year-1537984955

Given the strong economic growth, the raising of interest rates makes sense to stabilize growth. Growth is always a good problem to have, but economists always look for sustainable growth. Boom this year, bust next year is not ideal. But, our economy can still growth at a stable rate even with the increase cost of borrowing funds.



Amazon, Walmart delay New Jersey bill that would ban cashless stores


Many businesses would prefer not to deal with cash, as there are risks associated. For instance, the cost of controlling the chain of custody of the cash and security risks with being a cash heavy business. If the owner can profitably reduce its cash dependence for a fee, he/she would. But, cashless businesses are less able to hide revenue from authorities, as the business model provides convenient paper trails.

There really is not a regulatory concern, at this point, for cashless businesses. Understandably, the backers of the bill are concerned with access for poor and elderly consumers, who deal only cash. Many local business owners seek to avoid fees associated with non-cash payments options, which will always be around for these consumer groups.

There probably is a reason why 48 of the 49 states had better things to do since 1979, when Massachusetts enacted a cashless ban. If you truly want to help the poor or elders, find efficients ways to expand access to credit markets or banks. But, this probably is not really about the poor or elderly.

Amazon Hits $1 Trillion Valuation – The Wall Street Journal.

Amazon Hits $1 Trillion Valuation https://www.wsj.com/articles/amazon-hits-1-trillion-valuation-1536075734

Apple has company in the trillion dollar valuation club. In less than half a year, Amazon nearly doubles value to join the super exclusive club.

For many, Amazon is essential, as the in-store experience is largely ruined by Amazon. Why deal with lines and rude cashiers, when Amazon will deliver the same products in 2 days?

One can expect these two will not be alone for long. Alphabet or Microsoft might join them soon.



The United States is a nation built on the ideals of self reliance, self-determination, ambition, and hard-work. Americans admire self made success, which all seek to emulate in some manner. Americans value the pride of labor, achievement, creativity, and innovation.

A nation built on the governance principles of being of the people, for the people, and by the people should have an economy owned and operated by the people. No economic system captures the productivity, innovation, and energy of private citizens like free market capitalism. No other system lifts people out of poverty while expanding national wealth at the same time.

In the above content, the benefits of free market capitalism and flaws of socialism are covered. While changing economic models is a radical idea, policymakers implementing minor tweaks is appropriate to expand opportunity where needed.

Please visit the CRC Review by clicking the link above.



Why Americans Spend So Much on Health Care—In 12 Charts – The Wall Street Journal.

Why Americans Spend So Much on Health Care—In 12 Charts https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-americans-spend-so-much-on-health-carein-12-charts-1533047243

There is a clear need to make changes in healthcare policy. Need to implement policies that increase competition, drive prices down, and improve transparency for all participants.

Our recent attempt at lowering the cost of care encouraged consolidation, maintained price elevators, and provided consumers with greater burden without ability to influence or digest information.


Does ‘redshirting’ actually benefit kids? Inside the big kindergarten readiness decision parents make – Philly


Interesting idea. Proponents of expanding pre-K appear to want students in the system sooner than layer. Apparently, some educated parents prefer to keep their children out for a year, either purposefully or due to school age cutoff dates.

Although not as prevalent as some think it is, it happens more with young boys than girls. The idea that there is an advange to enroll students late, beyond the need for additional maturity, is interesting. For parents that seek extended and more stringent pre-school, it makes sense the student will do better against peers. Without using the delay for development, not sure how the time helps beyond helping students better cope with the change.

Either way, the article references research that shows any advantage gained only exists until middle school.

How Bosses Waste Their Employees’ Time – The Wall Street Journal.

How Bosses Waste Their Employees’ Time https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-bosses-waste-their-employees-time-1534126140

People are not always aware of how others perceive them. In a position of authority, one should consider how employees may interpret messages. Over time, people learn how and what to filter from their superiors.

Not sure if all of the acts are competely unintentional. In some companies, managers are not always the best leaders of people. As such, they may not concern themselves with the burden placed on employees, rather focus on how the situation impacts them.

Common knowledge that happier workers are loyal, effective, and efficient. Disgruntled employees create toxic environments. Be kind to employees. Especially those that work hard for you.

Apple’s Market Cap Reaches $1 Trillion

Apple’s Market Cap Reaches $1 Trillion

SOURCE: WSJ https://www.wsj.com/articles/apples-market-cap-hits-1-trillion-1533225150

The technology giant is a long way from the days of fighting for its existence. Innovation, best in class marketing, and customer engagement all helped Apple thrive over the years. In the face of intense competition, Apple continues to deliver value for its customers and investors.

Apple may not be alone in the $1 Trillion very long, as its fellow tech giants are also close to the threshold.


The Pension Hole for U.S. Cities and States Is the Size of Japan’s Economy https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-pension-hole-for-u-s-cities-and-states-is-the-size-of-japans-economy-1532972501

The realization that defined benefit pension plans are unsustainable is not shocking. The continuing issuance of such plans is the shocking part. At some point, change will not be a decision, but a necessity created by crisis.

People already retired or close to retirement should not be penalized. For others with time to adjust, employers must provide a different option for them. Also, people should consider bolstering retirement plans with personal savings plans as well to maximize retirement funds.

Kicking the can down the road only works if there is still road left. Big promises were made for short term gains with long term costs. Lets stop making a bad problem worse.


American Express Gave Clients One Rate, Then Secretly Raised It

SOURCE: WSJ https://www.wsj.com/articles/amex-raised-currency-prices-on-business-clients-without-warning-employees-say-1532943120

There needs to be greater transparency in rate setting. Whether business or personal account, how many people are aware when rates change? Some, but probably not many.

Should a sales manager arbitrarily adjust rates on accounts without any communication to the client? In my opinion, no. Establish rate parameters with sales teams, but do not adjust negotiated rates after the fact.

Bait and switch appears to still be alive and kicking.