Why the Clock Is Running Out on Big Media Companies – The Wall Street Journal

Interesting read on how networks reliance on sports may alter if tech companies enter the bidding for broadcast rights.



Health inspection reports find critical violations at NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB stadiums – 2018 ESPN Outside the Lines

The health and sanitation issues surrounding our sports facilities is quite troubling. This is not the first time ESPN raised the concern and probably won’t be the last. The study did not include college facilities or other arenas not used by the big 4 sports leagues.

What is the big fuss? The food vendors at many stadiums either improperly store or handled food or do not adequately maintain cleanliness of facilities to meet requirements. Given the crowd sizes, the potential for outbreaks of food related illnesses is significant.

People want to attend games for a positive experience for their families, friends, or other groups. Sports executives should ensure that the fan experience does not involve sickness and death.


Why Sports Teams May Get Even More Valuable – The Wall Street Journal. https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-sports-teams-may-get-even-more-valuable-1539946801

The NFL removed restrictions on cross ownership that will allow larger pools of bidders for future ownership opportunities. As the Seahawks may be the next one on the block, owners of other sports franchises will now be able to enter the pool without divestitures.